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"Matches are made in Heaven, however their Planning is not"

Our Philosophy is to translate every project into a dream fulfilled for you – with moments brimming with fond memories, enabled by perfect timing and flawless execution.

We strive to incorporate your thoughts and requirements as Parents, Siblings, Relatives and Friends, in a manner that Team Mansa’s own Creativity, Enthusiasm and Visual Excellence get mixed with them and the Output though expected, is beyond anticipation.

Weddings are a time for celebration, for jubilation, and for eternal happiness, as they mark the beginning of a new era in the lives of two individuals who are now destined to walk as ONE. The respective families of these two individuals unite to celebrate the ceremony and to shower blessings on the newly weds.

However, this celebration of happiness also involves a lot of stress and legwork - this is where "Mansa" walks in as your Personal Wedding Planner to manage and execute your scale and style of wedding.